Building Bird Feeders -
Plans and Diagrams
A simple suet feeder. The birds cling to the chicken wire while eating.
A shelf to be nailed to the sunny side of a building
A somewhat similar type to be fastened to a window sill, making it possible to observe the birds that come to dine.
Birds that hesitate to come close to buildings may be attracted by the feeders set out in the open. Here is a feeder mounted on an iron pipe so it can be turned in any direction. This feeder has one end closed by a pane of glass, and is to be turned so that prevailing winds do not enter.
A feeding shelf for winter use which makes an acceptable robin nesting shelf in spring.
A feeder mounted on a base with a vane so the adjustment takes place automatically.
The two food shelters above are considerably more difficult to construct. They have glass on all sides, and are open at the bottom so that birds can enter or leave at will.