The Hot, Hot Summer of 2006-
Tips from the CDC and from members of the COPD-Support Family of Support Programs
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This has been a summer of record breaking heat across the country and today (Sunday, July 30) the forecast is for another week of very hot weather and "heat warnings".

Hot and humid weather is difficult for almost everyone, but especially for those considered "high risk" groups- the very young, the very old and those with chronic illnesses (like copd)

On this page I have a list of tips offered by the Government Center for Disease Control and also a list of what I must say is more imaginative tips gathered from the members of the COPD-Support group.
I hope you find something here to help you make the heat just a bit more bearable. 

13 Tips To Beat The Heat

The CDC offers these tips to help protect your health in extreme heat:

>Stay indoors and, if at all possible, stay in an air-conditioned place.

>Don't leave babies, children, or pets in cars. Not even for a short time. Heat can kill quickly.

>Drink more fluids. If your doctor has limited your fluid intake or if you're taking "water pills" (diuretics), check with your doctor first.

>Don't drink liquids containing alcohol or lots of sugar. Those drinks may make you lose more body fluid.

>Avoid very cold drinks, which can cause stomach cramps.

>If you sweat heavily, you may need to replace salt and minerals. A sports beverage may help, but if you're on a low-salt diet, talk with your doctor before drinking sports drinks or taking salt tablets.

>When you're at home, wear as little clothing as possible. Choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.

>If you have to be outside, try to limit your outdoor activity to morning and evening hours, and try to rest in shady areas.

>If you must go outside, wear sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and eyeglasses.

>Pace yourself. Stop all activity if your heart pounds or you gasp for breath in the heat.

>Use a buddy system if you're working in the heat. Look out for your co-workers and have someone do the same for you.

>Check up on high-risk people, including kids, senior citizens, and people who are ill. Visit at-risk adults at least twice daily. Babies and kids need much more frequent checks.

>Provide your pets with plenty of fresh water in a shady area.

SOURCES: CDC, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, July 28, 2006; vol 55: pp 796-798. Associated Press. CDC: "Extreme Heat: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety." News release, CDC.
Easy Comforts (Miles Kimball Company)
Creative Tips from the members of COPD-Support, Inc.
(with permission to reprint from each person quoted)

We are having terrible heat and humidity, as are many of you.  We had a family reunion this past Saturday, outside in a park.  I found a hand-held battery operated little fan at Walmart for 97 cents.(It is only about six inches long and has two small rubber blades.)  It puts out an unbelievable amount of air for such a little thing and even comes with its own batteries.  I picked up several of them and shared them with those of us with severe health problems.  They were a big help.

Hope everyone is staying as cool as they can, this is one week that will be a melter.
Wanted to share what I invented for myself for swimming in the pool. My grands and I love the pool,
We put my hose out the window, (100ft) across the lawn and into the pool.
Well of course getting tangled in the hose is a kids sport,( think I did  it more).
Then an inspiration, those tube things they sell called Noodles, they run anywhere from $1.00 and up, bright colors- they are about 3 ft long. We undid the hose and slipped it through 3 noodles, now we all see the hose, kids are safer( so am I). Hope it some one can use the idea, come to think about it was more than likely already on the list!

cool breeze to all

and a bit more from gj...

so glad my little idea is cooling off some of you!
I wanted to mention that I have 4 of the noodle on my hose one right after another, this covers most of my hose. I only had 3 on and I still managed to get tangled !

Another little idea I use is when out in the yard or patio, I use a POOL backwash hose for my hose, they have different ones- some are hard plastic others like a thin sleeve like a long plastic bag. This is to be able to see it in the yard- also keep hose from really getting tangled  up in bushes,grandkids or dogs.(hmm) before I go in, I wash  it off and just hang it up on hooks....
there are other tube like things you can use..just think out of the HOUSE!!

I have been looking at those tube lights..this way we can glow!

We have horrid humidity here in Minnesota which is why we are moving back to California next summer.  My Dr told me to stay in as much as possible.  Here is what I do. I know this sounds odd and funny but it works well.  
Fill a zip lock bag with a few ice cubes - break them up if you can into chips.  I use a meat hammer,  then put in bag and set on top of your head....body heat is affected from the head-  ergo newborns come home from hospital with caps on to maintain their body temps 
so to cool down use ice on your head 
   hugs n love to you all

Click here for the best site i have found so far for arcade style games..puzzles and other "toys" for those days where sitting is the choice of sport :)
xo Claire
(Claire also says that the helicopter game kept her busy for three hours! I'll have to try that one myself!)

Hi Everyone,
This heat wave has been really rough on me, I've been in worse shape the past few weeks than ever before. 
BUT, I've come up with a couple of things that are helping.  Cold showers a couple times a day to cool off, ice pack around my neck (I use one of those freezer things) and of course Pacing.

Not forgetting our pets, my husband bought an under bed plastic storage box (that I've wanted for 2 years!!) and we filled it with water on the deck for the dogs to walk and play in.  They love it and it will serve a dual purpose.  Also, make sure they have plenty of cold water available, I often put a chunk of ice in their water dish along with the water. 
Hang in there folks, we will survive!!!
Yours,  Rae-CA

I have something that might cool you off but don't know if I can explain it very well.  So, here goes. 

Stick your tongue out and curl it up so it looks like a taco shell.  Breathe in, hold, shut your mouth and exhale out your nose. 

Or, if you can't curl your tongue (some people can't) place your tongue against the roof of your mouth and sort of make your mouth a slit, breathe in, hold, shut your mouth and exhale out your nose.  Repeat.

We are what we think 

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