A Visitor
At The Old Stone House
I just love turtles!
When I was young, my family would spend the summer at the lake.
One of my favorite things to do was to go to the marsh and catch turtles. Of course, before we left to go home, we would always let them go.

When my husband and I were dating, I took him up to the lake and we captured the cutest little turtle. I took it home with us. That night I had a dream. I was swimming in the lake and a huge turtle grabbed me by the legs and pulled me under the water!! Well, the very next morning we returned to the lake and let the little turtle go. Now I not only love turtles, but also have a new found respect for them!
The other day, I was doing the dishes, thinking how nice it is to have a window over the sink, so I look out at the back yard. Like so many windows at the old stone house, this one has the wavy old glass in it.
This makes things interesting when you look outside, sometimes I am not quite sure what I am seeing! It looked like a turtle was taking a walk in my backyard.

I went out into the backyard, and sure enough, it was a turtle alright!
It was not one of the cute little turtles of my youth. This one was quite big and not at all pretty. I picked him up, and sure enough, he was a snapper! He wasn't very happy, so I put him down.

Later when my granddaughter came home from school, I took her out back to see the turtle. She promptly named him Spike and we watched him go on his merry way!
It was several weeks later, when my granddaughter came running in the house yelling "Grandma, Spike is in the driveway and heading for the road!" "Well, I said, "Grandpa is outside, tell him to put Spike in the backyard."

A little while later she ran back into the house,
"Grandma, you have to see this!"
I followed her outside and there was my husband (a city boy by birth) in a panic, as Spike chased him, snapping at his heels. Spike could move pretty fast for a turtle! I picked up Spike very carefully, snapping all the way and brought him in the backyard out of harms way.
The last we saw of Spike, he was headed for parts unknown.
My husband is hoping that he won't be making a return visit any too soon!!!
Well that's the news from the old stone house.
Hope you all have a great day!!    Tish
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