Treasure at the Old Stone House
I remember when we first moved moved to the stone house, my very favorite TV show was "If These Walls Could Talk" It was about people moving into old houses and finding treasures while they were repairing or restoring the house. Some of these "treasures" were beautiful light fixtures, old paintings, or photographs, silverware, and so many other things. Some of these things helped the new owners restore the house to what it once was years ago.

It was my dream to find some treasure here at our old house.
In the basement we found some old doors. This house has so many rooms and each door is a different size. There were some really beautiful old doorknobs, but what I really wanted to find would be old letters or a journal or diary from someone that lived here in the past.

After searching the attic, basement, closets, and anywhere I thought something might be hidden, I finally gave up. 
One day, when I was in town, someone that that knew that I was interested in the history of the house, gave me the name of a man that he believed lived here as a child. I couldn't wait to locate him, but was sadly informed that he spent the winter in Florida and I had to wait till spring before he was home again!

Patience is not one of my virtues, so I wrote him a letter at his home address and hoped that it would be forwarded to him in Florida. I was not disappointed and I soon received a letter from him. Yes, not only did he live here but he was born in this very house! He said that he would call me when he arrived home in the spring.

The day after he arrived home, he called me, and two days later we had the privilege of meeting Albert Woods, ninety years young. When I opened the door I don't know who was more excited, him or I!
My family gathered around the kitchen table whileAlbert spung wonderful tales of growing up back then.Both his sister and mother died in an influenza epidemic when he was nine years old, leaving his father to raise five children. Thank goodness for the antibiotics we have today!
Albert visited us several times after that 1st visit and gave us a painting of the house that now hangs in our living room. I never did find any old letters or journals, but whenever anyone asks if I found any thing of value, I tell then yes, I found Albert.  He shared with us a wealth of information about the past and we had the honor and privilege of meeting a delightful man. He was indeed the best treasure I could have found  at The Old Stone House.
Sadly Albert is no longer with us, He passed away when he was ninety two ,he had emphysema. I admired this man and the way he lived his life. Through his stories he made the" Walls of The Old Stone House Talk" And I do believe he visits here from time to time just to see how things are going.     

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