Thanksgiving from the Old Stone House
Thanksgiving Day has always been a special day in my house as we were growing up.

It was my mother's holiday and all the family came every year. Well, it started out with a small group, but as the years went by, the family grew! People had children, then the children grew up and married and so on. Throughout the years, some of the families branched out to have dinner with in-laws, and etc., but word got out that this was to be the last dinner at my mother's house.

Everyone that had ever been there through the years wanted to be there to honor my mother. She had Thanksgiving at her house for 43 years! To this day, I don't know how she fit all those people in that small
house! That was truly an unforgettable day!

Another unforgettable Thanksgiving comes to mind, it was right here at the old stone house. The family knew it was bound to be different if it was to be at my house. I did not disappoint them. I requested that they all dress in olden day garb! That one even made the local newspaper and was lots of fun!
(click here to see pictures of the pilgrims at the Old Stone House)

Another Thanksgiving that will never be forgotten was the year that my grand daughter was born! If we ever needed to be reminded of what a gift she was, the good Lord made sure that she was born on that day of giving thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives. Since both of my children were adopted, I considered it a wonderful gift to be there to experience the miracle of my granddaughters birth. I was excited to be in the delivery room and held my daughter's hand the entire time! My sister was disappointed that she couldn't witness the birth because at the last minute they decided to do a c section and only one of us was allowed to be in the room.

I looked at this beautiful newly born child, perfect in every way. I could not be more grateful or thankful for this new addition to our family. I, in fact, consider each child in our family a special gift. I spent the night at the hospital while my poor sister went home a 3:00AM. She never went to sleep that night because Thanksgiving was to be at her house that year! My husband and son came the next day with turkey dinner for us.
We spent the day visiting with my daughter and admiring the new baby,

Not all Thanksgivings are that exciting, but that is one day that we can all find something to be thankful for. Through the years we have lost people that sat around the table in Thanksgivings of the past, but next year we will have another baby join the family.

I am thankful for all my family and friends and I am thankful that I am here this year to enjoy this day. I hope you all had a nice day and please know that I am thankful for ALL of you!!!    Tish