At The Old Stone House
One day I was feeling very depressed. You know, we all get those "woe is me" days. You try to do something, and you just can't. Those days you dwell on how limited you are in what you can and what you can't do and, of course, nobody understands! The family doesn't know why you are depressed and thinks you should just snap out of it.

That's the kind of day I was having, so I just went to my room and cried for awhile. I was sure nobody loved me, let alone understood what I was going through. Crying didn't help, so I decided to clean, that always takes my mind off of things.

I started with my dresser drawer. When I opened it, there was an old birthday card that I had saved. The card was from my mother, one of the last she sent me. There on the bottom it said, "I love you Tish!" Love, mom. It was like she was right in the room with me and put her arms around me, coincidence? I have a lot of these that happened at just the right time.

One day I got a call from one of Albert Wood's sons. (Albert was born in this house and has since passed away) He asked if he and his brothers could come and visit us and see the house. Two of the brothers had not yet seen the house. They gave me a few day's notice, thank goodness!

I can no longer keep the house the way I would like. It is a big house and is hard enough for a healthy person to keep up. My husband and granddaughter helped to get the house in order. I went upstairs in the master bedroom, one of my favorite rooms, trying to put it in order. Now with very little effort these days, I tire and am exhausted and out ofbreath. I pushed myself beyond my limits, but was determined to finish this room. I opened up the big old wardrobe and on the top shelf, there it was. A large manila envelope, and in big letters were the words "Please take a break!!!" I just laughed and said, "OK!" and sat down.

I remember making that sign in the winter when my son and husband were outside shoveling snow. I made some hot chocolate and wanted them to come in out of the cold. However it came to be there, I believe it was meant for me at that moment in time.

I always feel that someone is watching over me.So many of my loved ones are no longer here, but I think that they check in from time to time to see how things are going and just maybe sometimes , they leave a sign to let us know. So keep your eyes open and you may see signs in your life, you just have to recognize them when they happen!!!

Oh, by- the- way, the newlyweds came down stairs last week, hand in hand, smiling, with good news. You guessed it! I am to be a grandmother once again! We will be hearing the pitter patter of little footsteps here at the old stone house. I am sure it is Gods way of letting us know that life goes on!!

Hope you all have a great day!!! Tish