Relinquishing Responsibility
At The Old Stone House
The hardest thing that I have had to do since I have COPD (besides breathing, of course) is having to give up things. Some things are easier than others to give up.
I no longer take a warm relaxing bath. I now use a shower seat and take a refreshing shower instead. Not the same, but still, I got use to it.
Not being able to keep up the house the way I like is another.
I love it here at the old stone house but sometimes I sit in my chair and look at what needs to be dusted or picked up and put away. I do what I can, but then I have to relinquish some of these chores to other household members. I may not always like it, but that's the way it is! When my daughter stops in, she whizzes through the house with speed and ease that amazes me, as she puts the house back in order- a feat I can no longer do. I have turned in my broom, dust mop, and vacuum.
Thanksgiving was at my sister's this year.
I asked what I should bake. Mind you, there are some days that I can bake and some days that I can't, none-the-less, when she told me that my niece had taken over the holiday baking, I found it was difficult to relinquish the position. At home here, I taught my granddaughter how to make bread. She learned well and took best in show at the county fair. My daughter-in-law has also started to do some of the baking here and I have to remember, that's a good thing, but it is still hard to
hand over my apron and my wooden spoon.
It is the "passing of the torch" or the "changing of the guards" whatever you call it,
it is difficult.
I guess I should just be glad that there are others ready and able to take over. Don't get me wrong, there are still my good days, and I take advantage of themwhen they come. I will continue to hold on to all I can do for as long as I can.

My brother sent me a birthday this year, he has BOOP and like me he has to give up certain things. This is what the card said:

The best part of life
Is not just surviving
But thriving,
With passion and compassion
And humor and style
And generosity and kindness.
                                    By Maga Angelou

So, as I pass the torch, I hope I can do it in humor and style……and dignity.

Hope you all have a great day!   Tish
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