We were on the beach when I saw the parasail go by.
It looked so exciting and I remembered when I was 20 years old in Mexico on vacation how I wanted to do that ----- but never did. Then again in Puerto Rico, I stared in wonder-----but that time I just could not get up the courage.

But now, here I am, a 58yr old grandmother with arthritis, emphysema, and a multitude of other ailments, with determination that came from who knows where. I just knew if I didn't do it now, I never would.

The cost was a bit of a problem as we had not figured this into our vacation plans. Unbelievably, my husband checked his lottery ticket and found that he won $300.00! Well surely this must be a sign, now I REALLY have to do it!! My grand daughter decided she wanted to go with me. After two days of talking to the captain of the boat and being ensured of the safety factor, we made our plans.

My husband told me he could not be on the boat with us (he said he would have a   breakdown!!) He waited on land while my grand daughter and I boarded the boat ourselves, joining two young couples. The captain smiled at us and helped Alea into her life jacket. As the boat took off I grabbed the railing and held on for dear life. I looked over at Alea to see a look of sheer joy and excitement on her face as the water splashed us. I didn't know we were in for such a bumpy ride!

After watching the other couples it was now our turn.
As they harnessed us up I started to panic and wondered what the heck I was doing here! I had no time to think or change my mind, before I knew what was happening, our feet were off the ground.---- I looked over at my grand daughter and said,
"You know, you have one crazy grandma!!" 
We laughed as the wind took our breath away!! We could hear the cheers from our new friends on the boat. As I looked down at the captain, he gave us the thumbs sign and I knew we were in good hands!!

The view from up there was just beautiful.
We glided past the Bridge of Lions and the old fort and the big cross and I thanked God for allowing me this experience and to be able to share it with my grand daughter. I can not remember feeling so at peace as I did 1000 feet in the air. Before they brought us in, they dipped our feet in the ocean and Alea squealed with delight!

I sometimes wonder how much of the time we spend together she will remember when I am no longer here, but I am sure she will always remember the day we went parasailing over the ocean!!!

Summer 2001