Saying Goodbye To The Newlyweds
At The Old Stone House
I  will miss the newlyweds racing down the hallway to see who will get to the bathroom to get the 1st shower. I will miss my son coming to my room at night to talk to me for awhile. I will miss hearing the guitar playing while he is writing a new song. No longer will I listen to the banter in the kitchen as they bake a batch of cookies or a pan of brownies.

Ah yes,
things will be quieter here at the Old Stone House!
There will be less towels in the bathroom,
less dishes in the sink at the end of the day.
The washer and drier will get less of a workout.
There will be less showers, our septic system will breathe a sigh of relief.
The dog will miss the long runs with my son
(those days are over, neither my husband or I can run!!)
My grand daughter will miss having another point of view from someone younger, help with her homework from someone that actually knows
what the new math is, and having more people in the house that care about her.
Ah yes, they will surely be missed!
There are times in your life that you wish you could go back and freeze time. Where did that time go?

I remember the day that he was placed in my arms, a miracle for sure.
I remember putting him on the bus for school and saying good-bye and when he was grown up, saying good-bye again when he went off to college.  I said good-bye when he took a wife and here I am, saying good-bye once more.
They will be moving just in time to prepare a nest for their new arrival.
I told my son once a baby comes his life will never be the same. You worry about them even when they are old enough to have a family of their own!

My daughter began flitting in and out of my life at an early age always knowing she can return when she needs to. She is very independent and only stays for short periods of time and then she is gone. When I least expect it she pops in to say hello, gives the house a once over (which I really appreciate) gives me a kiss and hug and she is off once again! She now has an apartment near by so she should be popping in often.

I remember my mother calling me on the phone one day when my children were young. I remember saying "These kids are driving me crazy! There is no peace and quiet around here!"
And she said to me "One day they will be gone and you will have more quiet than you can imagine."--------
As usual, mom was right!

As my son and husband pulled out of the driveway, I knew that I would not be seeing him for quite awhile. I sat in my chair feeling sad and depressed when the phone rang. It was my son calling from his cell phone. "Mom, you're going to see me sooner than you think, I have to bring dad home when I drop off the truck!!  
It is said that our children are a gift from God and are only given to us on loan for awhile. My children seem to flit in and out of my life. They move on with their lives, but they come back every now and then to touch base, for a hug, for reassurance that they are important and loved unconditionally. Then they are gone again absorbed in their own lives!

That is how it should be,
that means that I have done my job.

ps I hope you are all well.
I am doing better. The fracture is slowly healing, I even got up a few steps the other day! My breathing has improved except for the fuzzy little things floating out there in the spring air! My thanks to all that sent me cards and well wishes, all were appreciated.
Hope you all have a great day!!      

Tish     April 20 2007