A New Arrival
At The Old Stone House

Avianaca (Avi) Hannah
It is said that the children of today are the promise of the tomorrows we will never know. They will fulfill dreams that we can only imagine.

When a new baby is placed in my arms I make a wish (an old Irish custom I am told) As my new grand daughter is placed in my arms for the first time, I look at her sweet face so perfect in every way. There is nothing so beautiful as the sweet innocence of a new born child. I think carefully before I bestow a wish upon her. 

I think, I could wish her "beauty", but as we all know, beauty is only skin deep. 

I could wish her "wealth", but I know money can only buy material things, and after all, they are only things.

There is always "wisdom" - that is a good wish, and I think about that for awhile.

"Talent", hmm, she is likely to inherit that from her father.

"Health", at this stage of the game, I know only too well how important that is.
After long and careful thought and consideration, I finally decide...I wish for her the gift of "happiness".

If you are a truly happy person, you will be happy even if you don't have wealth, for money  cannot buy the important things in life.

You can be happy even if you are not beautiful (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder anyway).

If she is a happy person, she will find the good in people and overlook the bad.. She will survive all the things life will hand her, and be happy for all the good things and learn from the hard times.

I wish that she will be happy with herself and what she has, and all she will become.
I hold my new little grand daughter close to my heart.
I bend down and kiss her on the cheek and I am pleased with my wish for her. I smile as I hand her back to her parents. I feel blessed to be here to welcome this new child into the family!
          23 June 2007