A Mouse In The Old Stone House
Last night I was sitting in my chair reading, and my grand daughter was watching TV. I could hear the honeymooners in the kitchen doing the dishes (there is no such thing as a dishwasher in the old stone house!)
All of a sudden we heard my daughter-in-law screaming and  my son frantically running around the kitchen with a broom yelling " Where is it? Where'd it go?" My grand daughter looked at me and we both smiled. This was not the first time there was a mouse at the old stone house.
Years ago, when I first found the old stone house, it had been boarded up and no one lived there for some time. There was lots of work to do but it was well worth the effort. Now, besides many wonderful nooks and crannies there are some holes as well, after all the house was built in 1732! It was not unusual for a critter to wander in on occasion for a visit.
My grand daughter, like myself, has the same love of all God's creatures (except maybe spiders!) One night after we had taken in a cat, we were in the living room when the cat ran by with a little field mouse dangling from its mouth! This cat was not much more than a kitten herself and I am sure this was the first thing she ever captured. And she didn't quite know what to do with it.
My grand daughter ran after the cat yelling,"Grandma, stop her.! She has a little mouse!!" Well the poor cat didn't know what to do and ran up the stairs with my grand daughter close behind. (It took me a lot longer to get up the stairs!)
She ran right into MY bedroom with the mouse! By the time I got there the mouse had gotten away and the cat "Jasmine" was chasing her around the room. I felt really bad for the field mouse myself but really didn't care to share my room with it. I grabbed a container and put it over the mouse as it ran by. Jasmine had no idea where her prize disappeared to. I called my husband and told him to take the mouse outside in the woods and let it go free..
Jasmine spent hours looking for her mouse, and I think that the mouse spread the word that there was a cat at the old stone house because after that we didn't see very many creatures anymore.
Jasmine is now staying at a friends house while my daughter-in-law is staying with us (she has a problem with cats) Jasmine would patrol the kitchen every night but now that she is gone, I guess I will have to get out my "Have A Heart trap" so we can catch this poor little thing and relocate it. I am sure in the future there will be other little visitors at the old stone house till Jasmine returns!!!   

Hope you all have a good day!!!  
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