Thoughts on Mother's Day
from the Old Stone House
On Mothers Day, I always think of all the important women in my life.

First, I was blessed with a warm, caring, compassionate mother. I hope I have learned some of my "mothering skills" from her. She was a wonderful role model and I was very fortunate to have had her in my life as long as I did. I also had a grandmother that I think of fondly on this day. These women, I will always remember on Mothers Day as well as many other days in the year, but there are two other very special women that I also think of at this time of the year.
My children are adopted and these very special women made it possible for me to become a mother myself. After praying, having tests, and going to doctors;
after five years of trying to have a baby, we felt that we were led to an
orphanage in South America. It was a long and complicated procedure, but it was worth all the time, work, and worry that we went through. In the end we had two beautiful children.

When my daughter was about eight years old she wanted to
know why this woman gave her away, why didn't she love her. I held her in my arms and told her, this woman loved you so much and she wasn't able to take care of you. She wanted to be sure that you had all the things that she wasn't able to give you------ a home, food and clothing and a mother and father to take care of you that were praying for a child to love. She looked at me through her tears and said, " She really did love me then?" "Yes, she loved you very much."
And I thought, she loved you so much that she gave you away, that is the greatest love one could have for their child.

My son was three years old when we went back to South America for his sister and loves to tell her the story about when we went to the orphanage to bring her home. They brought the most beautiful baby in our room for us to see and he cried when we had to leave her there for the day.( He was afraid someone else would take her home!) I often remind him of this when they are not getting along!

I think of these two women all the time and how they made it possible for me to become a mother and raise these two beautiful children. I look at my children bearing candy and flowers, wishing me a happy Mothers Day and I know that I will be forever grateful to those two women for allowing me the privilege of raising these children. I was thrilled when I was promoted to grandmother and now I am also blessed with two beautiful grand daughters!

All mothers are special and I wish you all a Happy Mothers Day!!!
My Love to All,

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