The Magic Mirror
At The Old Stone House
A long time ago, on a nice Saturday morning, I was doing what I love to do. I spent the day going to garage sales and flea markets. This was when I was able to get around better (sadly, I don't do this too often any more) I just love it when I find a treasure.

This was one of those times. I found a beautiful old mirror.
It was large and oval in shape and I had the perfect spot for it at the old stone house! It now hangs in the downstairs hallway and I find
myself passing it several times a day.

The other day,shortly after I woke up, I happened to pass by the mirror.
I saw a stranger looking at me! As my day wore on, I forgot that she was there.
As I dressed to go out, with my hair done up, and my makeup on,
I happened to pass that way again. This time I looked and saw a woman
that looked vaguely familiar. I remember seeing someone that resembled her in an old family album. Yes, it was a younger version
of my great aunt Alice that looked at me.
I looked again and she was gone.
A few days later, I hurriedly glanced at the mirror as I passed by.
There was a face that I longed to see. It was my dear mother that looked at me. It happened so fast, but then she was gone. I was left with memories of her all day long
Another time, on another day, as I walked down the hallway,
I wondered who would be there. It was a lady with shining eyes and sliver hair. It was my grandmother that visited me that day.

Yesterday I was feeling exceptionally good, and as I looked, I saw a young girl I use to know, full of life and rearing to go. I wondered what happened to her. Age and illness took her away I suppose. But she came back to visit me that day.
I love this old mirror.
I often wonder what others see when they look in there. Is it an older person,or one once young and fair? It's a mystery to me who will greet me there from day to day. So, I wonder who will visit me as I walk down the hallway today!!

     Hope you all have a great day!!!     Tish
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