Just Another Day At The Old Stone House
Normal has taken on a new meaning here at the old Stone House.
The once empty nest is no longer empty!

This is how my day went today.
It started out smoothly enough, my feet were a little swollen however, so I took a LASIX and put my feet up. My husband had to go out so that meant that I had to be sure to be out front for my granddaughter's school bus. She worries if she doesn't see me right away, because a few times in the past, I have had to go in the hospital.

I didn't want to wait outside too long because it so cold out, so about five minutes before the bus was due to come, I got up to walk to the door. Well, as soon as I stood up, the LASIX started to work! I knew that I couldn't wait, but I didn't want my grand daughter to worry, so I
tried to RUN (mistake #1)
I took off my portable 02 (mistake #2)
because it was slowing me down.
As I was headed for the bathroom, I tripped over the dog and lost my slipper! I made it to the bathroom just in time, but very short of breath.
I got out of the bathroom, tried to find my slipper and grabbed my 02.
I made it to the porch with one slipper and one bare foot, just in time to see my grand daughter get off the bus. "And how was your day?" she asked me. "Oh, just fine," I say.
This morning, my daughter didn't have to work, so she mopped up the kitchen floor and cleaned out the refrigerator for me.  She found some things way in the back that were a lovely shade of green. I told her to throw anything out that looked old....

My son and his young bride came home about 5:30 PM , she went upstairs to lay down while he went into the kitchen to make her something to eat. Their baby is due in May. He looked around in the refrigerator for the chicken he was going to make. We kinda fend for ourselves at dinner time these days. My daughter, of course, had thrown it out by mistake.

My son came into the livingroom, where I was sitting with my feet up and says, "Mom, you really have to talk to her about throwing things out.
Now Cindy is upstairs crying!" Women that are 5 months pregnant can sure be emotional at times!.

My son ran out to the store to get more chicken, some bing cherries, and a jar of pickles. Later, the newlyweds, (I guess I shouldn't call them that any more.) The soon-to-be parents, came in all smiles so, I guess all was OK with them. Of course, I had to console my daughter who was after all, just trying to help me out by cleaning the refrigerator.

I go by many names these days, among them are peacemaker, and referee. Just when I thought all was fine, I looked over to see my grand daughter crying (in case you didn't know it, young girls at age 12 are also very emotional!) She is on the honor roll, and takes her school work very seriously.  She was loaded down with homework and it was getting late. I finally calmed her down and told her to go to bed and get up a little earlier to finish it up in the morning when was more rested.
My daughter had gone out earlier with a friend and I was glad when she came home. At last, everyone was in for the night! I climbed into bed and looked out into the hallway.

"Goodnight mom! Goodnight Grandma!"
I smiled and said, "Goodnight MaryEllen, goodnight John Boy!"
I heard laughter from the other side of the house.
I took my inhalers, put on my C pap machine, and turned out the light.
Aaah yes, just another day here on "Walton's Mountain." Oops, I meant here at the Old Stone House.!
Sometimes we need a smile to end the day.
Hope you all had a Great day!!!   Tish