At The Old Stone House
Ah yes,
life sure has been more interesting at the old stone house
since the honeymooners moved in.

I have to admit, I quite enjoy their living here.
My son, the writer of the family, writes poetry, sings songs that he has written, and plays the guitar. When he fell in love, this girl had poems written about her, songs sung to her and received flowers for every occasion imaginable.
One snowy Christmas day, while visiting my sisters' family, they had to leave early. My daughter called us over to look out the window. "Just look at this" she said. When we looked out, there was my son, carrying his then girlfriend to the car so her feet wouldn't get cold! "I sure hope that girl knows how lucky she is" my daughter said, in disbelief.
After they were married, I bought her a beautiful lead crystal vase. I told her that anyone that was lucky enough to have someone bring her flowers this often should have a beautiful vase to put them in. Yes, he still does all this including opening doors, warming up the car for her when it's cold out, and even slays spiders for her (even though he is not very fond of them himself!)
We live on a long country road and last week they decided to take a ride up the road. On this road there is a lake, one of many around here.
On this lake lives a beautiful pair of swans. They stopped to watch them
and were surprised to see that there were babies. My son called them ducklings. I said "Of course they're not ducklings. The only duckling that turned into a swan was Hans Christian Andersons' Ugly Duckling."

Anyway, they thought that they would walk down to the lake to see them better. The mother swan and her babies (I am not sure what you call swan babies) were on the side of the lake closest to them and the male swan was way over on the other side of the lake.

When they got about half way down to the lake, they were remarking how magnificent and beautiful these creatures were when the male swan spotted them.
They were transfixed.
They had no idea that a swan could move that fast!
That magnificent bird raised himself out of the water and spread his wings. They could not believe how big his wing span was! His neck was really quite long, and they never noticed how big a swan's beak actually was. He started to flap his wings and changed from the beautiful, graceful swan that we admire as we pass the lake,
to an angry creature on the attack, protecting his family from this threat
(my son and his bride!)
My son took one look at this wild, crazed bird and yelled "Run for the car!!!" He was thoroughly embarrassed when he saw that in his haste to get to the car, he had left his bride in the dust! They arrived home a short time later very shaken by the experience, and relayed the story to us.

I couldn't help wondering if this meant that the honeymoon was over.
I don't think that any of us will look at swans quite the same way again!

Some day when they have children of their own, I must remember to tell them how their parents survived the attack of the wild swan!
Well, that's what's new at the old stone house.
I am finally feeling better after several prednisone bursts and now that the peak blooming season is behind us. I am happy that I managed to stay out of the hospital. Hope you are all feeling well and have a
really great day!!!
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