The History of The Old Stone House
The old stone house has a very interesting history.
We learned some things from old newspapers,
old records, and most of all, from Albert Woods who
was born in this house and came to visit us when he
was in his nineties. He shared many stories
about the house and his family with us.
We heard that at one time, there was a log cabin that once stood where the old stone house stands today. Rumor has it that Indians attacked the house and everyone was killed except a young boy that was
carried off by the Indians. The house was then burned to the ground.
Sometime later, a man decided to build a house on this spot for his family. He used the stones from the surrounding area. This house, like many others of this time, consisted of one large room.

There was a daughter and when she married, they built a house right next door to the first house. Later they decided to join the two houses
and add on a second floor! The space between the houses now became a hallway. You can see how unique the old stone house is!

There are two front doors, two back doors, two stairways and numerous fireplaces throughout the house. There are four upstairs bedrooms, one a beautiful master bedroom! There is a large living room, (or parlor as it was called back then) that is our company room. It is too large to heat in the winter unless we have company! We also have a family room where the family gathers most of the time.
the parlor or company room at the Old Stone House 
I often look at the beamed ceilings and wonder what it was like back then.
I picture a woman sitting in the corner of the one room house at her spinning wheel. Maybe her husband is sitting by the fire, reading the bible to his family.
In one room I have a butter churn that I found on one of my outings and I can picture the woman of the house churning butter for her family.

In the basement or I should say, the cellar, many foods were stored to keep the family through the long, cold, winter. In the hot summer, meals were cooked on a large fire place down there so as not to heat up the rest of the house. Because there were two cellars at one time, there are
of course two large fire places, one at each end of the house!
We have heard many stories about the house, some are true and some are not. We were told that the house may have been part of the Underground Railroad. I like to believe that is true.
There was a tree next to the house when it was built, it still stands today. Its' long branches reach out over the stone house protecting it from the hot sun, keeping us cool in the summer.  My grand daughter calls the tree Grandmother Willow, although she is not a willow at all, but a mighty oak!
I often find my grand daughter lying under the tree, sharing her
thoughts and dreams with Grandmother Willow. I feel like her branches are like arms, reaching out over the house, keeping us safe from all harm.
Sometimes, when I am sitting downstairs by myself, I feel like I am not alone. It is a peaceful feeling and I think maybe we are sharing the house
with some of the people from the past. Maybe they are watching us as we go about our days in this wonderful old stone house …….
I hope so.   

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