At The Old Stone House
Hi all! 
Now that summer is here I have been trying to find things for my granddaughter to do. I was reading our local newspaper and read about the 4H fair. I thought it might be fun for her to submit something to exhibit. I love to bake and ever since she was little she has watched me and as she got older has loved to help me.

We chose 3 things to bake ( she had to do all the baking on her own!)
She chose to make my famous applesauce bread. I give this as gifts at Christmas time. I thought it was a sure winner. Next she chose a summer cheesecake with strawberries, and lastly she chose to make my oatmeal bread.

As the fair approached,she made her applesauce bread an easy recipe that will keep in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. As we got closer to the date of the fair, she made her cheesecake. Lastly she made the yeast bread.

Now when I was young, my grandmother on my father's side would
come to visit. She would head straight to the kitchen and make bread.
I had never seen anyone make bread before. I watched her with great interest as she kneaded the bread and when it was done we would eat the first loaf while it was still warm from the oven.There is nothing on this earth as the smell on bread baking!!

When my granddaughter was ready to attempt the bread, I explained to her that it took years to make good bread and she shouldn't get too upset if it didn't turn out just right.

We got everything ready to make the bread. Well, there was flour all over the place!! I had to restrain myself from jumping in and taking over!  I did show her how to knead the bread by pushing the dough with the palms of her hands and then-pulling it back. It was hard but she did well.

Finally it came to her favorite part, punching down the dough. We put it in the oven and tha aroma of the bread baking filled the house. We submitted her goods on Weds. and then had to wait to the weekend for the results......

Well, she got a "very good" on her applesauce bread and a red ribbon and the same on the cheesecake!! We then went to see how she made out with the bread. I couldn't believe it! She got an excellent and Best in Show and a Blue ribbon!!!!

I was so proud of her. My grandmother has long since left us, but I was sure she was somewhere beaming with pride and very happy that the gift of bread making has been passed on to yet another generation!       

Hope you all have a great day today and a better one tomorrow! 
(My granddaughter is ten years old.)