Saying Goodbye
At The Old Stone House
How do I say goodbye to my dearest friend? I just don't know, I visit you in your room with Jim by your side. I take your hand in mine and you open your eyes and say "I'm so glad you came." And your eyes slowly close. I say "just close your eyes, I'll be right here." Jim and I talk about old times and all we have done together. I look over and see you smile and I know even with your eyes closed you can hear our every
Oh my dear friend, what is my life going to be without you? We have shared so much of our lives together. You open your eyes and you see the tears I cannot hide. "Are you alright?" you ask "It's OK to cry" you say, but I try not to, I don't want to upset Jim. In truth Jim and I both have shed our share of tears. I wonder how Jim will fare without you. You two have been together all those many years. That house must hold so many memories of your life together. I selfishly hope he will remain here so we will still see him. I couldn't stand the thought of losing you both. You open your eyes again and say "I'm sorry I just keep falling asleep today." I tell you not to worry, I'll just sit here.

To my children you are Aunt Janice and they would always get excited when I would say, "Aunt Janice and Uncle Jim are coming today!"  You went to all their school plays and sports events and cheered them on. Clearly you had a way with children. You have taken care of so many children your whole life including my own, and now they are all grown and all love you. You now have your own grandchildren and were here for the birth of your newest granddaughter. How fortunate they all were to have you in their lives.                 
We met when we were seven years old. Whoever dreamed that our friendship would last all these many years. We were twelve the day we met Jim, not knowing then that one day he would become your husband. We dated together, went to school together, were at each
others weddings and were there to celebrate the births of your children.  You were there the day we returned home from South America and our children joined our family. We laughed together and cried together, growing closer each year. We have shared so much you and I.

I just hate leaving you today, but it is late. I have been at your side all day and I am now very tired. Still I hesitate to leave. I touch your arm and you say "oh, are you leaving already?" I tell you not to worry I will be back tomorrow  "Don't worry" I say "I will be keeping an eye on Jim for you," I touch your soft hair now grown to about an inch or so and tell you once again that I love you. I say goodnight to Jim and I wonder if you will be here tomorrow when I come back..

Janice died 2 days later with her husband, Jim at her side.
September 7, 2006 at 3:00AM      
She left this life the way she lived it, peacefully and with grace.