At the Old Stone House
Hi All!!  
This morning I woke up to the chirping of birds outside of my bedroom window. I thought how nice that was.

My granddaughter and I have watched the birds build their nest  under the rafters of our front porch. We had a great view from our front door window where we could watch the progress of the birds without disturbing them.

We watched as the mother sat on her eggs day after day, and then one day we heard little chirping sounds as the eggs hatched. There were four of them and we would watch daily as the mother and father flew back and forth to feed their hungry little family.

As I lay in bed listening to the birds I realized that wasn't their normal chirping! It sounded more like they were in a panic!! I called my grand daugther and we went downstairs
to see what was going on.

we were  shocked to see a large black snake laying along the rafters with his head over the birds nest!!!  It had a bulge in it's belly and there were no baby birds in sight!! The mother and father birds were frantically flying around trying to save their young!

We called to wake up my husband, who is a city boy by birth, although he has adjusted quite well to the country he is still rattled by the sight of a bear in the yard and snakes are definitely not his favorite thing.(mine either!) He got a shovel to try to kill the snake or at least get it away from there.

In the mean time, my granddaughter found a frightened baby bird and removed it to a safe place where the mom and dad were happily reunited with their young. She later found another one.

Back at the porch, my husband was battling the snake which by now was getting quite angry. I told him to be careful, snakes can move pretty fast! The snake sliddered away somewhere among the wood and stone of the old house and who knows where it is now.

Thank goodness my son and his new bride were not at home. If she were afraid of a grasshopper can you imagine what she would do at the sight of a big black snake!

My granddaughter was upset by the whole thing, but I told her that is how nature works. The snake had to eat to survive just as the bird did.
(I just wish that he were a vegetarian!)

Oh well,you just don't know what to expect when you wake up in the morning!! 

Hope you all have a great day(and a morning not as exciting as mine!!)  

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