Life Is A Circle
Here At The Old Stone House
When my grandmother had cancer, my sister and I took turns taking care of her. One day, when I was bathing her she looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes of hers and said, "So, it comes to this."

I had to leave the room to compose myself and came back to tell her, "You took care of all of us while we were growing up and then even took care of our children. I know how very independent you always were, so use to doing things for others. Now it is our turn to give back some of that love and care that you gave us."

She was at home when she passed away having been lovingly cared for by her family.

Shortly after I turned fifty years old, my granddaughter came into my life. Who knew that at this age I would be raising another child, well this child has been a joy to my life! I found that I had more time to spend with her than I did with my other children. I enjoyed reading to her, going to the park, and sharing with her all the wonders that her world contained. I wanted her to really appreciate all that was around her! Needless to say, we became very close.

When I came home from the hospital in February, I found myself very dependent on my family for everything and I didn't like this one bit. They moved my bed downstairs to the "company room." I was surprised that my grand daughter insisted on moving her bed there too, just in case I needed something during the night. I remembered being in tune with her needs during the night when she was young. After my husband left for work and before she went to school, she would make sure that I had my tea and something for breakfast. She would also make a sandwich and leave it for me for lunch. I smiled as I thought of all those school lunches I packed for her through the years. When we go out these days, she pushes my wheelchair expertly and navigates me safely through the mall. I smile as I remember when I use to push her in her stroller in the very same mall.

True, we don't like to lose our independence, but when we do it is nice to know there are people there to care for us. Ahhh yes, the love we give does come back to us in ways that will surprise us. Life comes full circle as the ones we took care of in their youth grow up and in turn take care of us!
                                                      Tish    Sept, 2007