At The Old Stone House
Hi All!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Old Stone House. All over the house, in closets and under beds are brightly wrapped packages hiding until they will be put under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

In the kitchen is the spicy aroma of my applesauce bread baking. There are 6 loaves on the table and three more in the oven! This is the famous applesauce bread that won my grand daughter a blue ribbon at the 4H Fair this summer.They will be all wrapped in ribbon and put in  baskets for gifts.

We will also take clementines (small,sweet oranges) and poke them full of whole cloves, (these smell soooo good) and they will also go in the baskets!
In the living room you can feel the heat from the wood burning stove.
To be truthful, even though there are three fireplaces in the old stone house, the wood burning stove is really electric! It really does look
like the real thing but it is much better for those of us with breathing problems!!!
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and even though my grand daughter learned about the Santa secret last year, she is still putting out cookies and milk for that jolly, old elf and will still be listening to hear reindeer paws on the roof.I myself am just as excited as she is on that night!

Christmas will be special this year.
My son and his bride will be here, also my daughter will be joining us Christmas Eve, of course my grand daughter will be here and we will all be together Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!! In the morning, my sister and her family will join us for Christmas breakfast, a tradition since my children were young.
Traditions are what Christmas is all about.
Some old ones give way to new ones, but I find I mourn the passing of any old tradition. My children (,I still call them all my children no matter how old they get) decided to bring back our old tradition of putting up the tree on Christmas Eve as we did when they were young.My grand daughter is thrilled that they will decorate the tree on Christmas Eve

One of the traditions that did not survive is when we use to trek through the cold and snow to find a tree and chop (or saw) it down.We have just gotten too old for that one! Now we just go and pick one out and a young man carries it back to the car for us, it's a lot easier that way!!

Another tradition is that the first ornament that goes on the tree is one that was my grandmother's. After that, each child has a special ornament to put on the tree. Each year I bought them a new ornament and when they have their own tree, they will take all their special ornaments with them. My mother loved Christmas and a picture of her hangs an the tree near the top, by the angel.
On Christmas Eve, My husband will read "The Very Special Night"
the story of the birth of the baby Jesus, then he will read
"The Night Before Christmas."

After the stories are read, my grand daughter is off to bed. Of course many hours will pass before she is asleep. I myself have trouble sleeping that night! I am so excited I can't wait til morning!
When we, my brother, sister and I, were young, we were told at midnight , on Christmas Eve, all the animals could talk! Besides waiting for Santa, I so wanted to hear our family dog talk! Of course, I never stayed up long enough! 
May you all have a wonderful Christmas!
Whatever holiday you celebrate, enjoy all your old traditions and
maybe even start some new ones.

A happy New Year to you all,
from all of us
at the Old Stone House!!!  

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