Getting Better
At The Old Stone House
I am so glad to be home here at the Old Stone House.

I had no idea how badly my body was deteriorating.
I was just moving from the chair to the kitchen and back to the chair.
I was able to get up the stairs and occasionally ventured out when someone was willing to take me.

All things happen for a reason, I guess.

I now have nurses care and a physical therapist that I did not know that I qualified for. I now do exercises everyday.

The only thing that I couldn't get was someone to help around the house with dusting and etc. I sure could use some help bathing.
I never thought it could be so difficult to wash one's feet.
I am doing more now and will hopefully get in better shape in time.
I now have a spiffy walker. My husband added a basket and I put my portable 02 in it and I am off! (ever so slowly, but still I am off and moving!)
My hair, which is VERY long (I usually wear it up on top of my head)
was hanging loose,  too hard for me to fix these days, so my sister braided it for me.

The nurse was kind enough to bring me a special shower cap
to wash my hair without water and it worked really great!
My son came downstairs this morning and said,
"Hey mom, I love your hair. You look just like Willy Nelson!"

"Willy Nelson?!"

" He's a great singer mom."

"That well may be, I said, but I sorta was hoping for maybe a slightly aging Pocahontas."
I am coming off a high dose of steroids. In my head I think I can conquer the world, but in reality, each day I get just a little bit stronger.

Hopefully by Spring, I will surprise everyone and sit outside here at the Old Stone House, or on my sisters deck and watch the flowers bloom,
look forward to my new grandchild and maybe even make it to the sea.
I never did get there last year.
Albert's son found a diary of the courtship of his grandmother and grandfather which he is having transcribed for me. It was written by Charlotte sometime in the late 1800s, so there is much to look forward to this Spring.

I want to visit the Tea House up the road from here and I just know that there are still some very interesting old cemeteries to explore.
As I went down the hallway this morning, I peeked at my " magic mirror" and sure enough, there was yet another stranger staring back at me.

She wore a long velvet, burgundy robe.
She had long braids that were slightly graying.
She looked very tired but determined and I assure you, she most definitely did not resemble Willy Nelson
at all!!!                        
Hope you all have a great day!  Tish