65 At Last!

Happy Birthday, dear Tish,
Happy Birthday to You!
I have finally achieved my goal and reached my long awaited 65th birthday! I can now reap the rewards of medicare after paying into it all these many years.
This last winter was very hard on me. While I was in the ICU in the hospital, I thought I would surely never reach my 65th birthday, but here I am celebrating another year! I have much to be thankful for. I have my family and a few good friends (and I have all of you!) I have lived my dream of living in a old stone house with lots of history for 8 wonderful years. How many people get a chance to live out their dream?! Most importantly, I have loved and I have been in love, I have faith in God. What more could I possibly have asked for?

 I am getting used to it here at the little house in the glen. We have a beautiful large back yard here with woods behind us. It looks like a retreat for wildlife! So far, groundhogs, cute little bunnies, deer, and also a bear have come to visit us. There are birds everywhere! I guess I told everyone how much I love watching the birds, on my birthday, I received many bird feeders! I enjoy watching the birds everyday here in the glen.
There was one other thing that I got-------a gift of 5 caterpillars and a cage for them when they become butterflies! What a miracle it is! Right now they are in their cozy cocoons waiting to emerge into beautiful painted lady butterflies!

Living with COPD isn't always easy, but when I think of the butterflies I am full of the knowledge that there are indeed miracles in this world of ours!! Soon their lives as caterpillars will come to an end and their new, exciting life as a butterfly will just be beginning!! I can't wait to release them! Oh how I would love to fly with the butterflies!!! But then, who knows.........maybe someday I will!!!!        


And Just when the caterpillar thought that life was over....
        She turned into a butterfly!