Relax. Get comfortable, and become conscious of your breathing- not forcing or changing your breathing pattern, but simply noticing it. Then, beginning with your feet and working upward, relax each part of your body. Some people imagine each part becoming heavy or soft, while others wriggle or tighten first and then relax. Listening to soothing music is also an effective method of getting your body into that stressless, receptive, relaxed state that is a prerequisite for a meaningful visualiization experience.

and begin....
Spring Maiden Meditation
You are walking in a meadow, high up on a hillside. The sun is shining brightly, and the sky is a joyous blue. You feel the warm breeze ruffling your hair, whispering in your ears, and the sun feels warm and gentle on your skin. You breathe deeply with delight. There are wildflowers growing in the meadow all around you and their sweet honeylike fragrance fills you with pleasure. As you continue to walk on the springy green grass that carpets the meadow, and breathe in the fresh flower smells, you notice a grove of trees in the distance, a circle of slender young saplings with young, vibrant green leaves that toss joyously in the wind, shiny and new.

You walk toward the grove, noticing how the trees seem to be dancing together in the breeze. Now you can see that someone is standing in the center of the grove, a young maiden crowned with a circlet of flowers. As you near the grove, she holds out her hands toward you and you walk into the circle of trees and take her hands, and you both laugh and twirl each other in a circle with your joined hands. When you stop, you both sit down and face each other, and you know that this Spring Maiden has something important to tell you, something for you alone to hear. It may be a new idea that will inspire you this spring, or a word of comfort or advice. (pause for about a minute for the message to be given)

You smile and thank her, and you reach into your pocket and find a special small treasure to give her. You both stand up and she hugs you. Then you walk out of the circle, away from the trees, walking back across the meadow, walking slowly back to this room and your ordinary awareness.
wiggle your fingers and toes, stretch and open your eyes.You may want to take some time to think about what you experienced or write about it a bit , saving it to think over later....
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