Advice from Support Group Members
-The Been There, Done That Folks -
On Becoming Smoke Free
"Remember, sweetie, that over 1,300,000 people will stop smoking this year for good. That is a lot of people. (one million, three hundred thousand...)"

"With our disease, One way or another, you will stop smoking sometime, so why not do it while you can still enjoy some life?"

"Surely you know in some part of your mind that the nicotine in cigarettes is not the first line of a healthy defense against personal stress."

"My pulmonologist warned that if I didn't stop smoking that I could suddenly lose a huge percent of lung function virtually overnight. I have gained some back since I quit three years ago."

"If you don't quit smoking you will begin to look at yourself as a failure and that will take the spiral down faster. You will not eliminate a stress there. Each cigarette destroys more of your lungs at this point."

"Your problem is not an inability to quit- Your problem is that you desire to smoke and restart!"

"The urge passes whether you smoke a cigarette or not."

"The most fatal control rationalization of all is the fraud of "just one," "just one little puff!" Although a primary maxim of addiction is that "one is always too many and a thousand never enough," instead of picturing all of them and the return of our entire dependency and the endless destructive chain of feeding linked to it, we rationalized countless relapses by lying to ourselves that we were stronger than nicotine and that we could smoke "just one." Why waste time entertaining the repeating thought reflected by this when we now know it be a lie? "

"I am not that deprived or craved. I am suffering from the euphoric recall of what smoking was really like."

"Having any cigarettes at all keeps it all alive and keeps me on the brink. I start worrying again about relapsing and I spend a lot of time and mental energy on it. I feel delicate and vulnerable again."

"Tell yourself that you can, and before you know it, you'll be a successful long-term nonsmoker looking back wondering why you waited so long to quit!"

"Freedom from guilt and worry is one of the great rewards of quitting smoking."

"The first and most important step is to develop a "steel trap" mindset that you are going to quit smoking, period. The best motivation for this is to think about the amount of time that you will lose with your family by continuing to smoke and what it will do to lower your quality of life in the future, especially if you are already affected with a lung disease."

"We may even feel like we have lost our best friend, and just don't know what to do without it. In fact what we have lost is a life long nightmare of addiction that is slowly killing us."

"Don't look at it as if you are giving up something. This makes it seem too much like a loss. What you are really doing is tossing something out of your life that has done you harm and doesn't belong here anymore. You are throwing away pure garbage. No longer are you going to allow your lungs to be a resting place for nicotine and tars."

"Treat giving up smoking with the respect it rightly deserves. Become willing to go to any lengths to remove it from your life. If you are not willing, try praying for the willingness. This usually works."

"Every day is a gamble and your life is at stake"

"You will have given yourself what no one else could give you. You will no longer have the pressures of being a smoker."

"HALT." Hungry, angry, lonely, tired. If you feel you need a cigarette, check. Make sure you are not experiencing any of these. "

"Remember that the discomfort you experience in the first two weeks will definitely come to an end and you will never have to go through it again."

"It takes a lot of guts to try to quit smoking."

"Expectations (prognosis):Nicotine withdrawal is short-lived and should pass in time. While withdrawal is the most uncomfortable part of quitting, the real challenge is beating long-term cravings and staying abstinent."

I am grateful for the very wise words of all the people who have walked this way before me and left their light to help others find the way.Thank you.

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