Freedom from Smoking
Quit Smoking and Make Smoking History-Produced by the State of Massachusetts,has a message board, a good list of articles and links to help with your quit-And my favorite feature:A free screensaver to download-a beautiful picture of a woodland waterfall with motivational quotes on becoming tobacco free that pass across the screen at approx. three minute intervals. I pause to read them every time I pass by the computer. Calming and inspiring!

QuitSmokingSupport.comA website packed with information, a message board and an email support group, Lots and lots of help and support here!

Cognitive Quitting an interesting approach on this site, and I'm willing to give it a try - includes an email support group and a live chat room - they describe their program this way:
"The purpose of this site is to present a proactive and effective alternative to throwing down our cigarettes, holding on tight, and hoping that after some period of time the urge to smoke will simply fade away. The cognitivequitting program is a 'body based' approach to smoking and quitting. It will help you understand exactly how, as a smoker, you took care of your body needs. It will show you what parts of your body need attention so you can provide the most appropriate and effective responses. And it will teach you how to disconnect your old associations between life and smoking and become comfortably and permanently quit. The catch, and there is always a catch, is that this is a proactive program. If you want to see results, you have to do the work."

Freedom from Smoking OnlineThe American Lung Association's program for smoking cessation, It takes you through a series of lessons or modules, beginning with your desire to quit, And ending with your freedom! Includes email tips and message boards.
As a side note, another great feature on this site is their
Living with Lung Disease- Stories of Hope section with another message board and a "lung champions" website

Check out the support groups and library information at these sites-

COPD-SUPPORT, INC and COPD International

there's a lot of help out there, and a lot of folks who have quit before you and left markers along the trail to help you find your way- no one can do the work or make the walk for you, and it's a long hard road, but you can, with enough grace and determination, reach your destination
remember-one million three hundred thousand Americans will quit smoking For Good this year! (1,300,000!)Many more will try and although they may not succeed this year, they will probably try again and may very well succeed next year, or the year after! They did it, I can do it and you can do it too.Our lives depend on it.