excerpts from
A Journal of 100 Days -
my journey toward becoming smoke free
I began this journal in May, 2006 with an apology, a confession, and a great deal of shame. I have discovered since then - since I became willing to talk honestly about my life and how I was living it - that I was far from alone.
I was not alone in my struggle to break the hold that I had on smoking and the grip that nicotine had on me. Once I asked for help, many, many hands reached out to help me.

I was also not alone continuing to smoke after being diagnosed with lung disease.
One statistic states that 60% of us do not stop smoking, even after our diagnosis. This shocked me. I thought I was the only one. I blamed myself, I was ashamed, I hated myself. I know different now.

I have devoted other pages to speaking about the treachery, greed, and evil that keeps the tobacco industry in business and supplied with customers around the world.

I am reprinting excerpts from my journal in hope that I can touch someone else who is ashamed, struggling and so far, defeated. I know about that. A lot of people do. And we're waiting to help you.
If you are still smoking, please consider trying once again to stop. Please email me and let me share your journey with you.

The Journal of 100 Days
May 2006

This journal is dedicated to my mother, my daughter and my granddaughter with great hope and profound regret.Please accept my truly heartfelt apology.I promise you that I will do my very best to make amends.

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