Cecil's Quit Plan
A strategy for becoming smoke free from
smoking cessation counselor Cecil Montgomery
The first and most important step is to develop a "steel trap" mindset that you are going to quit smoking, period.

The best motivation for this is to think about the amount of time that you will lose with your family by continuing to smoke and what it will do to lower your quality of life in the future, especially if you are already affected with a lung disease.  Smoking is the top of the list for the most damaging and life threatening behaviours with respiratory problems.

A good place to start this education is to review the following
www.papapoo.com and
smoking cessation sites

Next is to set your self a projected quit date and gradually work toward that while preparing to meet it
head on. The best time frame is at least two to three weeks in preparation for a quit. This will allow you
to use the steps outlined below to prepare your body for the quit and develop the necessary mindset

1. Determine if you are a habitual smoker or addicted mentally. This will make a world of difference in your actual quit. I will explain the difference.

A habitual smoker is one who is not so strongly addicted  and can quit smoking by simply changing their habits and routine.

The addicted smoker, on the other hand, has a completely different problem and must be dealt with in a different manner. This addiction is akin to alcoholism or drug addiction. In some cases it is even
necessary to seek professional counseling to end this addiction. However, with proper preparation the majority can be done by smoking cessation support groups

2. Start your preparation by first getting a notebook and keeping a log and determining when, where and why you smoke each cigarette 24 hours a day This will be instrumental in determining if you are a
habitual or addicted smoker

3. After approximately three days start to decrease your cigarettes by a predetermined number each day. This number will out when you determine which is habitual and which is addiction. change your habits and try to eliminate the habit ones

4. During this period of time also study everything you can find on aids for quitting and consult your doctor about prescription medications and advice in general for quitting

5. You should also be thinking about reasons why you want to quit and list them on 3X5 cards. You will see later where these will be beneficial

6. Make a list of the triggers that you identify during this period and how you plan to go about avoiding them when your quit starts.

Set yourself up a reward for quitting.

Download a quitmeter that will tell you how much money you have saved from not smoking and how many cigarettes you have not had. Set yourself a realistic monetary goal to purchase something that you really want with the money you have saved. Example, if you want something that cost $50 dollars then purchase it when your quit meter says you have saved fifty dollars. Then pin a note to this item
reminding you that non smoking got it for you

7. During this two weeks set up a designated smoking area preferably outside. Make your cigarettes as hard to get to as possible. Somebody made a good suggestion buy one pack at a time and lock them in the trunk or glove box of your car during this two week prep. Do not allow any one to smoke in your home during this period, including yourself. If you have to have one with your morning coffee then take your coffee outside

8. During this two week prep clean your house from top to bottom and remove all your smoking reminders and rid your house of the nicotine odors. At the same time note the amount of nicotine that is removed when you clean your walls, cabinets and ceiling

9. Another good deterrent is to take three cigarettes, during this two week prep, and put them in a jar,
cover them with water and let them set for three days. At the end of three days empty the water out by
straining it through a white cloth and see the nicotine stains left. This is what goes into your lungs. This also equates to the amount of nicotine for about a three month period of smoking. Take a good whiff and then see if you want to smoke

10. Make a list of items that you can use for substitutes for smoking and start using these during
your two week prep to cut down on your cigarettes.
Some good suggestions are listed below

1. Quiet Walk in the park.  2. Play with a dog or cat. 3. Play with children.  4. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.
5.Take a bubble bath for 1/2 hour  6. Listen to good music. 7. Wash your car. 8. Clean a closet or drawer 9. Write a friend a note 10. Hug someone today. 11.Watch Survivor II. 12. Mow the Lawn 13. Play Scrabble 14. Walk the dog. 15. Brisk walk or jog. 16.Clean the refrigerator out. 17. Watch the aquarium 18. Meditate for 20 minutes. 19. Say a prayer for someone. 20. Bake cookies or a cake. 21. Shop till you drop. 22. Do some indoor gardening.23. Wash some windows. 24. Read to an elderly person.  25. Visit someone in a hospital 26. Go fishing. 27. Drive around the block. 28. Plant a shrub. 29. Get a soothing massage. 30. Try aromatherapy. 31. Take some pictures.. 32. Browse through an online auction. 33. Rent a videotape. 34. Work a crossword puzzle. 35. Do inline dancing. 36.Work out in a gym. 37. Hit a punching bag. 38. Read some poetry. 39. Do some Yoga. 40. Roll pennies in wrappers. 41. Sort the sock drawer. 42. Browse a book store. 43. Take up needlepoint. 44. Fly a kite. 45. Wash the car 46. Eat a pizza. 47. Make hard-boiled eggs. 48. Go to the library. 49. Sweep the porch. 50.Pick or buy flowers 51. Sing a song. 52. Rearrange furniture. 53. Start a woodworking project 54. Fix something that's broken. 55. Brush your teeth. 56. Get a seafood dinner. 57.Put up a backyard bird feeder. 58. Watch "World's Funniest Animals". 59. Call your grandma or grandpa.
60. Talk to your Quit Buddy. 61. Make a protein milkshake. 62. Draw or paint a picture. 63. Play a
musical instrument. 64. Play Solitaire. 65. Watch ants with a magnifier. 66. Make a snowman. 67. Get a tan in a salon. 68. Make a healthy snack 69. Repot your houseplants. 70. Play with a Slinky toy. 71. Read a magazine. 72. Suck on some Altoids. 73.Visit a florist to smell flowers. 74. Read posts in the Forum. 75. Go to a good movie. 76. Bicycle around the block. 77. Buy a Secret Pal greeting card. 78. Play a new CD. 79. Cook up a new dish. 80. Browse a new store. 81. Have or do a pedicure. 82. Shop for shoes. 83. Watch Crocodile Hunter on TV. 84. Talk to your sponsor. 85. Take your daily vitamins. 86. Play cards with someone. 87. Pay a couple of bills. 88. Make a terrarium. 89. Play with
an Etch-A-Sketch. 90. Sit outside, listen to birds. 91. Make a video film. 92. Play an online game. 93.
Read some funny jokes. 94. Enjoy the smells in a bakery. 95. Listen to the ocean on tape or for real.
96. Play with a toy race car. 97. Drink a new juice. 98. Chew on a licorice whip. 99. Wax the car. 100. Put photos in an album. 101. Make love. 102. Post to your support group.

Now we are ready to get into the actual quit. This is the end result of your two week preparation. If you
have properly prepared you should be confident but granted you will be suffering from anxiety, withdrawals, short tempered, frustration.

However, if you are confident and you have the "steel trap" mindset then you should be able to proceed.

Note, ifyou are not feeling well or you have unresolved family problems or mental distractions think carefully about proceeding with your quit.

During the first week stayaway from smokers as much as possible. Sleep as much as you can and try to keep calm when the urges hit. Remember you don't have to worry about today. tomorrow or next week, just focus on the next crave. Use the items listed above to alter these cravings. Change all
your habits relating to smoking if you have not already. In all the areas where you smoked before take
the 3X5 cards that you filled out and post one in every one of those areas. Every time you think about a
cigarette take a look art these cards. Get a calendar and start keeping track of the days you have quit by making an X in each day. You can go back and look any time to see what your achievements are.

Note: This last is optional for each individual, some are not comfortable with being reminded. If this is the case don't worry about it.