Make a Pincushion Button Box for Mom
Mother can stick pins and needles in the top of this handy little button box. The box is a round one-pint ice cream container.

1. Glue about 1/2 inch of cotton batting over the top of cover.

2. Then cut a circle of plain material about 2 inches wider than the box top. Cutting toward center, make slits about 3/4 inch deep around edge of circle. You now have square tabs all around cloth circle. Put cloth circle right side down on a table top. Put box top with cotton padding down on cloth circle. Pull cloth tabs into inside of ox top and glue evenly all around.
3. Cover the outside of box with some plaid material by cutting it exactly to fit and gluing it on. Glue a narrow band of the plaid material around edge of cover to finish it. It is best not to cover the part of box over which the top fits since cover might then be too tight.