Make a Nifty Knitting Box for Mom
A useful thing when you are knitting and a good gift for anyone who knits is a special box for the yarn. Make it out of a small oatmeal box.

1. Use attractive wallpaper and cut paper to fit perfectly around side of box. Then paste it on.

2. Cut a round hole about 1/8 inch across in center of cover. Now cut a 1/8 inch hole on each side of box, near the top. Paste small white notebook reinforcements over the holes on the sides and the one on top. This will strengthen the holes. Trim side edge of cover by gluing on some wide ribbon.

3. Make handle for box out of ribbon 3 1/2 inches wide. Put ends of ribbon through holes on side of box and tie a knot on each end inside box. Put your ball of yarn inside, and pull end through hole in cover. Put cover on box, and you are ready to knit.