Four Quickly Made - But Sure to be Treasured - Gifts For Mother
Kitty Sewing Case - Cut a piece of black felt 4 x 7 inches. Fold in half, short ends together. With a scissors, round off the short ends to shape kitty's jaw. Open out piece and slash diagonally to fold, as shown. Then fold felt in half again, and you'll find that you've just made the ears. Cut out the mouth shape from a piece of white felt 2 1/2 inches long. Mouth measures 1 1/4 inches down the center. Slipstitch in position. Embroider red nostrils in outline stitch. Sew on a small pink button for nose and two large green buttons for eyes.

Next cut a pocket piece 1 1/2 x 4 inches out of black felt. Round two corners slightly to match kitty's jaw. Hold pocket in place on back of case and baste. Then stitch with machine or backstitch. Pocket will hold thimble and spool of thread. Stick six sewing needles through the white felt for whiskers.
Ribbon Bow Sachet - Cut 2/3 yard of 1 1/2 inch striped taffeta ribbon exactly in half. Fold one piece in half again to find center and bring two ends to meet at that point. Turn these ends under 1/2 inch and baste. Whipstitch ribbon together along selvage edges, leaving turned-in edges free.

Dust some cotton with sachet powder and stuff both sides firmly. Then whipstitch the ends together. Pleat center to make it narrower and secure pleats with stitches.

Make a 1/2 inch fringe on each end of second piece of ribbon by unraveling threads. Tie this piece around center of the stuffed bow.
Ribbon Covered Address Book - You'll need a small address book and a piece of taffeta ribbon 1/4 inch wider than length of book. Ribbon piece should also be as long as twice the width of the book opened flat.

Fold ribbon to fit book, selvage edges at top and bottom with cut ends meeting at center. Turn under cut ends 3/4 inch, and baste. Whipstitch selvage edges of ribbon together, leaving unstitched 1/2 inch from folded edges so book covers will slip in easily.
Ribbon Tissue Case - Make this to fit a pocket size pack of tissues. Your ribbon should be 1 inch wider than package and 14 1/2 inches long. Fold ribbon 6 1/4 inches up from one end. Sew 1/2 inch hem on this end. Whipstitch selvage edges from fold to end of hem on both sides. With right sides together, fold other part in half lengthwise, and stitch 1/4 inch in along top edge. Turn right side out, and you will have triangular shaped flap. Press center seam and diagonal edges flat. Sew on a s small snap fastener at point of flap. Insert your package of tissues.