COPD and Your Mental Health -

how living with COPD can affect
your thinking and your emotions
From the National Jewish Medical and Research Center
COPD and Anxiety 
It is natural to worry about COPD. Learn how the brain's suffocation alarm can make this worry worse, and learn what you can do to manage anxiety.

COPD and Depression

Depression is a very common problem with COPD. Learn about why you don't have to suffer with depression and about how to beat being depressed.

COPD and Sleep

There are many reasons why COPD can interfere with getting a good night's sleep. Learn about suggestions on how to sleep better with COPD.

Being Close: COPD and Intimacy 
A loving relationship with your partner can help you deal with your chronic lung disease and the emotions that come with it. Learn how to overcome obstacles of COPD and your sex life.

Online Psychological Tests
These online psychological tests are for your entertainment and possibly educational use only and do not replace in any way a formal psychiatric evaluation. Remember for a diagnosis, you need to contact a licensed mental health professional

Identification of Stress and How You Manage It

 Breathing Pattern Awareness
Recognizing changes in the breathing pattern due to emotional changes, overexertion, or bronchospasm can help manage your respiratory condition more easily.

Everyone experiences stress in a variety of different situations. There are, however, a common set of bodily responses to stressful events.
A Relaxation Response has the opposite effect You can learn to call forth a Relaxation Response through stress management exercises like deep breathing, progressive relaxation, and visualization
Instant Relaxation Drill
· Position yourself comfortably either sitting, standing, or lying down.
· Keep your back straight.
 · Draw in a deep breath and count to five slowly.
Exhale slowly and let all your muscles relax.

Repeat this step two or three times until you are completely relaxed.
· Imagine a pleasant thought, such as "I am learning how to relax," or a pleasant scene, such as a calm lake. If you use a natural scene, imagine all the sights, sounds, and smells of that scene as vividly as you can.
Practice this instant relaxation drill during your daily routine when you feel unwanted tension. For example, when you feel yourself becoming impatient while waiting in line.

Self-Evaluation: Are You Relaxed

 Anxiety and Depression

Chronic shortness of breath - "dyspnea" - is a heavy burden of constant discomfort, and dyspnea exacerbations for whatever reason can be extremely distressing and frightening. Dyspnea limitations that force patients to withdraw from favorite activities with friends and family often cause COPD patients to feel withdrawn and isolated, and suffer from feelings of hopelessness. It is therefore perfectly understandable that anxiety and depression is a common added burden for many COPD patients. This module will give you some guidelines to help you work through these problems.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks in COPD
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