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Medications For COPD

COPD Medication Guidelines

>The Effects of COPD and the Medications Used to Treat It

>Tips for the Timing and Management of your COPD Medication

>Searchable Database of thousands of prescribed drugs- Includes uses, common side effects, contraindications, interactions with other drugs

>Drug Interaction Checker- Check potential interactions between two or more drugs

>Using Medications Safely: Interactions Between Grapefruit Juice and Prescription Drugs

>Medicines and You: A Guide for Older Adults
>Aging and Health: You and Your Medicines
 >Talk to Your Health Care Professionals
 >What You Need to Know About Your Prescription Medicines
 >Taking Prescription Medicines
 >Taking Over-the-Counter Medicines
 >Cutting Medicine Costs
 >Tips for Seniors on Safe Medicine Use
>More Information

A comprehensive, reliable resource for natural remedies and supplements

> How to use your metered dose inhaler (puffers)

>How to use your dry powder inhaler


>How to use a peak flow meter

>All about home nebulizer therapy

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