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COPD, SOB, Help!
for Shortness of Breath
Beginning with a Super Article from fellow COPDer, Phil Cable
 Phil went on to host
his own forum at COPD-Canada

From the Lung Association of Canada Breathing Techniques-
What to do if you're short of breath, how to control your breathing, and controlled coughing

The Huff Cough -
Dealing with the Impaired Cough of COPD and Emphysema

Common Triggers for Difficult Breathing 

Breathing in the Winter
Another great one from Mary Burns , RN

S.O.S. for SOB
(Help for Shortness of Breath)
 When on the Brinkā€¦Think

P.L.B. Pursed Lip Breathing 

More on Proper Breathing
from the National Jewish Medical and Research Center


Chest Physical Therapy Mobilizing, Training and Strengthening the Chest for Breathing (includes video)

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