Grandma Strange's Rag Bag
memories of Grace Martin
My Grandma Strange was old fashioned and a loving Grandma. She always wore a braid in the back of her hair and always wore an apron. Grandma knitted dish cloths/cleaning rags from left over yarn before paper towels were manufactured or purchasing rags became popular.

Grandma taught me to knit and while we knitted the afternoons away, we would talk. She would show me that every rag we made was different, not perfect, just like people. I learned many life lessons during my knitting visits with Grandma Strange.

I remember my visits like they were yesterday. Grandma was quite plump and would always greet me with warm hug. It was like being engulfed by a billowy pillow.

Saturday morning at Grandma Strange's house was everyone up early and many chores to be done.The dog area had to be cleaned and dog dishes washed. Yard work was waiting for attention. The chickens had to be fed and watered. Can you imagine chickens in Detroit? I mean in the city of Detroit, not the farm area. I guess that was before zoning was enforced.

Feeding the chickens was as much fun for me as cleaning the front porch. Those were my two favorite jobs. My most enjoyable time was when Grandma Strange called it a day and we were able to sit and knit. I learned more from her than I have from anyone in my life. She even taught me how to care for the plants in the garden. To this day I have Holly Hocks, Lily Of The Valley and purple Iris in my garden in her honor. When we knitted the rags we always laughed over the colors. We had to use left over yarn to make the cleaning rags so we created our "rags of many colors". Some turned out like a rainbow and some could not be classified as anything except a rag.

Now, as an adult, I would like one visit with Grandma Strange, but it is not possible. So, I knit rags in loving memory of my Grandma Strange. No matter how bad life is or what is going on, I can always knit and picture Grandma here to talk things over with. There were times she only had to look at me and I knew what she was saying.
Austin with his Grandma Grace