Creative People

Creative response to chronic illness
and body challenges
Windchime Walker
A woman artist/activist's creative responses to disability, world events and life.
(I love her decorated canes and walkers!)

Fairies World features the art of Tom Cross on their "wizard's page".
Tom has this to say about his experience of lung cancer beginning with his diagnosis atat age 49- a diagnosis shocking to him as he had never been a smoker.

"Much has been learned through this experience about the human condition - the compassion of friends and strangers alike, the strength of will, the power of positive thinking and the camaraderie found in a common cause to overcome a formidable foe that afflicts so many, yet is so misunderstood."

His wizard paintings on the
Fairies World site are delicious treats for your eyes,
More of his art and additional information on his work as an author and ecologist can be found on his website
The Wondrous Worlds of Tom Cross

Lee Vogel- poet
His poetry
and a preview and a link to order his book of poems

Bee's Pet Photography-
A member of Copd-Support, Bea's photographs and paintings are a real delight to look at!

Birthing the Crone
Menopause & Aging through an Artist's Eyes
Wonder-filled paintings and artwork by artist Helen Redman who has this to say about her work:
"Birthing the Crone is a live process, an ongoing creation and a dialogue with others. It has helped me to see that getting older can be a cause for celebration, learning and a renewed sense of creativity and community. All of the pieces in the Birthing the Crone section of the site are arranged sequentially and accompanied by my thoughts at the time of their creation."
This site is well worth a visit and then a bookmark for future visits!

Olivija's art page
View some of her own work, get lots of inspiration from her great links, glean confidence and motivation from her collected bits of wisdom and poetry-
spend the day here and you still won't have seen it all....

Cecil Montgomery's Poetry Page-
deeply moving poems written from the heart

The Old Stone House
a series of stories (and photographs)
by COPD-Support member Tish telling of her life in the wonderful
Old Stone House