Keeping A Journal -
writing down to the bone
If a journal answers just one question, it is:
What is God doing in my life?

Jan Johnson
The journal is a witness, an unconditional friend, a soul teacher. Sometimes we just complain. Writing out the dark thoughts lessens their power. Having conversations with ourselves in journals gives us chances to work things out in private. We collect and form our own history (and herstory) with journals. . . . Your journal is your friend. Your journal is patient and truly an open book. . . . Whatever coaxes us out of hiding, to write, record, express, is a revolutionary act. It says that we believe our lives count. Our lives do count.
Writing and Healing-
An article listing the many ways that journal keeping can enhance your physical and mental health

Sarah Ban Breathnach, The Online Gratitude Journal
Has a simple online form of five textboxes to fill out and then print to provide you with a daily gratitude journal

Life Tips Journal tips page 
lots of interesting reader submitted ideas for creative journal keeping along with a long list of topics for journaling

Narrative and Healing
focuses on the therapeutic properties of writing and storytelling, providing examples of how people of all ages face life's challenges through the art of telling their stories.

The Soul Food Café 
Run by Heather Blakey, this site features a section on writing as creative medicine, one on muses, and one on reclaiming the imagination through creative arts. Of special interest is Peeling the Onion, pages on the arts and healing. This site is filled with useful and inspirational information.

Journaling Arts and Art Journaling
"Art journaling" is illustrating your personal journal or diary. You can use sketches, photos, paintings, or collage. You can glue in receipts, newspaper headlines or clippings, entries from the TV Guide for that day, or... anything visual, really.
This site includes two free e-books to download,
"Journaling your Past" and "Creating a Family History Shrine"

Nan Fischer's journaling inspiration site-
Inspired to Journal

Writing the Journey

Another online journal writing workshop
"We believe that journal writing is one of the great tools to listen to your heart…
With your heart to guide you, your life is a spiritual adventure!"

Art and Collage journals online-
These sites offer scanned images of the journal pages of some very creative journal keepers!
After seeing these, I started some collage journals of my own

exerpts from

Aisling's art  journals

Tera Leigh

Daydreaming on Paper- beyond diary, journal, sketchbook, and notebook

into a concept that is an imaginative hybrid of all these.
Whether you are a closet poet or a meticulous record-keeper, you are sure to find something here that you can use.

 The Creativity Portal's
section on keeping a journal