Creativity and Chronic Illness
-Healing the Spirit-
"My secret is that I have found the places within me that illness cannot touch. I have learned to honor them."                                                                                         
 Floyd Skloot
Kay Porterfield's site - Live Your Creative Vision

"The creative process is a powerful, transformative tool for healing our minds and bodies, our relationships and our world. Each one of us carries this ancient medicine inside."

Sections on creativity, arts and healing, journal and memoir writing, and lots of links

Transcending Chronic Illness

~creative living within physical limitations~
a helpful, hopeful site with this quote on the homepage (loved this!)

"There is nothing like a serious illness to blow down our fragile houses of sticks and straw. Standing amid the rubble of their lives and thoughts, people with serious illness undertake the task of building a new house, a new way of living..."
~"The Alchemy of Illness" by Kat Duff

Use this
fun online form to create your own 'tanka" a poem for change and transformation

and on this same site, a free online course on

 "Imagery for Transformation, Health and Peace of Mind"

really, the whole site is worth a look,so here's the homepage-
Support 4 Change