People Helping People
A Collection Of Sites Created By
People With COPD
Living with COPD
Bill Powell (papapoo)'s site and the "sister site" to COPD-Support

Cecil's homepage
a beloved friend and mentor from COPD-Support

Olivija's place

and another favorite place of mine-
an amazing amount of information

Olivija's links page
can be found here

Tony Hamel's Site-
An inspiring story by an amazing man

Pete Wilson's site
with everything you need to know about portable oxygen therapy

Love your Lungs, Breathe for Life
Lori Palermo's page in memory of her father who passed away with
COPD in 2003. Lori is very active in promoting Lung Health and Smokefree living.
Her site is a beautiful tribute and valuable resource

Dr. Sharma
A doctor who himself has COPD
Many interesting articles and a holistic approach to treatment-

Breathless with COPD
This is a site I just discovered created by John Kirtley in the  UK
He's put a lot of work  in here and there is a great deal of material to explore. Very impressive!

Michael McGloin's Site
Michael has the first COPD Support site in Ireland-
And it's wonderful! Check it out

Dan's Site-
Dan received his gift of a right lung on 7-27-06

Peggy's Quit Smoking Page,
Which is only a part of her beautiful Christian website-
Be sure to check it all out while you're there!

No Smokers
Bud Ellis' page, maintained by his friend Johanna Stephenson,
Devoted to the work of helping others to become smoke free

Rod Peterson's Pages on Stopping Smoking

The Lungs Resource Portal
Dave Mabo's website

Phil's Page (filcab)
beginning with his tremendously helpful article
"Breathing While Distressed"

Kay's Collection of Copd Links-
A goldmine of information to those new to their lives with copd

Kay's Copd Friends
her photo album of the folks who gather in the chatroom at

Marie's pages-
Copd, exercise and yoga, gardening,
Computer, kids and holiday pages-
Lots of great stuff!

Diane's Links to Recovery

Ron O'Kane's page
about living with COPD

Brian Webster's "It Takes Your Breath Away"

Hilde Hanson and Gull Cottage

Wilbur's Harmonica page-
Fun and great exercise for your lungs!

Kay's wonderful bluegrass site-

Bea Branch's Pet Photography

and her music pages
Slightly Irregular 2003
Not Half Bad 2002 Instrumentals

Susan Moore- The Peace Clinic

Betty Bridges' - Fragranced Products Information Network

Alan Harper's page
Alan has written his family's story as a wonderful legacy to
future generations and has included a page (and a video clip!) about
how exercise has helped him to deal with COPD.

The Old Stone House
a series of stories (and photographs)
by COPD-Support member Tish telling of her life in the wonderful
Old Stone House

Ed's Playground
with links to his other sites-
great work and lots of fun!

Jan's page-
a dear lady and a wonderful friend to everyone who comes to her
in need of friendship and support

Buckeye Friends
A group of Copd-Support members who live in Ohio and help one another through the bond of friendship

Vivian's Journey

Mary's COPD Pages
her Inspiring Page
Nice Things and Positive Thoughts

It is my goal to include every web page created by my fellow "copd people"-
a goal I cannot possibly reach without your help.
If you have a homepage (copd related or not) or if you know of one that I've missed please email me so that I can include it in my collection.