Christmas Gift Baskets - fun and easy to do!
For the Tea Drinker - Fill a basket with an pretty antique tea cup and saucer from a thrift shop, some fancy tea, a small jar of honey, a wooden honey dipper and top it off with a favorite magazine or paperback book.

For the Gardener - Take a pretty pot and fill with a good pair of clippers, garden gloves, packets of seed, and floral note cards.

For the Sewer - Make a personalized sewing baskets and fill with all sorts of notions such as a pin cushion, pins, a new pair of scissors, and a pattern of of something she'd love to make and the fabric to make it. Make your bow on this gift basket from a tape measure.

For the Crafter - Fill a basket with all the necessary items to make a beautiful craft.

For the Knitter or Crocheter - fill a basket with a pattern and all the yarn necessary to make a sweater or afghan. Don't forget the proper sized needle also!

For the Magazine Lover - For those who love to pore over magazine after magazine, fill a basket with the latest issue of every magazine you think they'd like. Add a box of chocolates and a few pieces of fruit.

For the Exotic Cook - Fill a basket with unusual spices, herbs and condiments. Add a cookbook and a hand towel and matching pot holders.

For the Coffee Lover - Fill a basket with a variety of freshly ground coffees. Add some flavored creams and mocha bean candies and other coffee flavored goodies.

For the New Mom - Fill a pretty pastel basket with a picture frame for the baby's room, an issue of Parents magazine, a bottle of perfume or cologne and a pretty nightgown to make the new mom feels her best.

For my Lady's Closet - Line a basket with a new bath towel and fill it with individually rolled hand towels tied with a pretty ribbon. Add a set of padded hangers, scented shoe stuffers, a set of lingerie cases and a container of potpourri.

Fill a Big Bowl with video store gift certificates, microwavable popcorn, theater size boxes of candy and bottles of soda

Fill a large Pasta Bowl- toss in a few boxes of dry spaghetti, a jar of pasta sauce (perhaps your homemade), breadsticks, candlesticks and a tape or CD of their favorite music.

For the Book Lover - fill a nice basket with a few books, a coffee mug, packets of hot chocolate, a package of flavored coffee, a tin of cookies and a small pillow.

For Someone Living Alone that is not planning to decorate, you could send a tabletop tree, a string of garland, a tree topper and a box of small ornaments. Also include a tape or CD of Christmas Carols to be listened to while they decorate.

For the Baker - Get a unique mixing bowl, fill with cookie cutters, 2 pot holders, a hand towel, an apron, a timer and several refrigerator magnets, all in the holiday theme.

For the Fisherman - Get a fishing hat and fill with a gift certificate to renew fishing license, bug repellent, sun block, lures or bait and some munchies for the trip.

For the Car Traveler - Get an auto trash can and fill with a map of the United States, a guide to campgrounds/motels, games for kids to play, a few auto coffee mugs and some tapes or CDs.

For the Struggling Student - a nice care package. Get a basket and fill with a toothbrush, toothpaste, aspirin, deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner and some lotion. They'll thank you each time they don't have to buy one of these items.

For the Computer Buff - fill a basket with computer games, a few new diskettes, a screen saver and a new CD to listen to while they work on their computer.

For a Struggling Family - Fill a basket with a ham, canned yams, green beans, potatoes, rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, salad dressing and a frozen pie. They'll never forget you.

For the Health Conscious - Fill a basket with a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, fruit juice, herb tea, assorted beans in a pretty canister, mini oat cakes, soy nuts, salt-free seasoning and some fresh fruit.

For the Ice Cream Fanatic - Fill the cylinder of an ice cream maker with a bottle of hot fudge sauce, strawberry sauce, maraschino cherries and a big ice cream bowl.

For the Nut Lover - Cut a piece of burlap sack to line the basket, fill basket with nuts from around the world such as pine nuts, macadamias, pistachios, filberts, almonds, etc.

For the Sweets Freak - Fill a funny cookie jar with your homemade cookies, candy and a few nuts and holiday goodies.

For the Golfer, fill a basket or a golf bag with golf tees, golf balls, a baseball cap, sunscreen,
score cards, a small towel, a can cooler to keep a can of pop or beer cold

For the Dog Lover- Fill the a large dog bowl with a squeaky toy, rawhide bone, dog biscuits,
dog brush, dog collar, leash

A Kids Coloring Kit-Fill a rubber/plastic storage box with crayons (get the big package with tons of colors), non-toxic markers, assorted papers(include a variety of colors and textures), coloring books, assorted stickers,a paint box and brushes

For the Sports Enthusiast, use a sports helmet or hat as a "basket" (e.g. baseball cap, football helmet, etc.).
Fill the helmet or hat with sports cards, baseball, puck, etc, shoe, boot or skate laces,
for the hockey player, add a lace tightener and some tape
for the baseball player, add some mineral oil, batting glove and gum
a sports video, a subscription to a sports magazine, a poster of their favorite player

For the New Home Owner. Use a tool box as a "basket".
Fill the box with screw drivers, wrench, hammer, pliers, assorted nails, screws, washers
gift certificate for the local hardware store, do-it-yourself book
assorted odds and ends like: light switch covers, light bulbs, duct tape, paint brushes, knobs and handles, etc.

For the Soap Opera Fan fill the basket with tissues, a box of chocolates, soap opera magazines, biographies of their favorite stars, pictures of their favorite stars, blank video tapes

Create a Winter Fun Pack by filling a stocking cap with lip balm, moisturizer, mittens, hot packs, hot chocolate
Extras: add a crazy carpet or a sled (although it won't actually fit inside the "basket", you can present it on the side

Fill a Gold Fish Bowl with fish food, aquarium gravel, a net, gift certificate for fish from pet store
book about care of gold fish

Accessories for Men- Fill an overnight bag with socks, underwear, belt, tie, tie clip, handkerchiefs, wallet, watch

Create a Salon Pack- Fill a basket with salon shampoo and conditioner, hair brush and/or combs, barrettes,combs, scrunchies, clips, bows, pins, twists, etc., book on hair styles

Fill a stew pot or pottery casserole dish with assorted dried beans: kidney, black, white, navy, pinto, etc.,dried red chili peppers, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, cilantro, chili recipes, ladle, oven mitts

For expectant parents-Fill a baby's bath tub with a hooded towel, wash cloth, rubber ducky, baby shampoo, baby powder, baby lotion, terry sleeper

For the executive or the Home-Office- Fill a briefcase with a day planner, business card holder (one for the wallet, one for the desktop), pen and pencil set, newspaper subscription, shoe polish, reference books, desk calendar, coffee mug

Create a New Year's Eve party pack- Fill a basket with a bottle of champagne, glasses, party hats, noise makers,
sparklers, confetti, balloons

For the writer- Fill a basket with lined note pads, an engraved pen, reference books (dictionary, thesaurus, quotes, how-to books), pocket tape recorder and tapes, style guide, newsletter or magazine subscription, books about how to get published

For Someone who likes to Walk or Jog- fill a tote bag with a pedometer, sweat band,  tapes and batteries for the Walkman, shoe laces, sport socks, personal alarm, t-shirt, water bottle in a shoulder or waist holder

Use a Cosmetic Bag for a "basket"- Fill the bag with nail polish, emery boards, nail clippers, nail brush, cuticle remover, nail file, nail polish remover, cotton balls

Create a College Student's survival kit- Fill a laundry basket with a laundry guide, cook book featuring easy meals like casseroles, roll of quarters and some laundry soap, take-out pizza coupons, an iron, room deodorizer,any other cleaning supplies, food staples like macaroni dinners, canned tuna, canned soup, soda

For Just about Anyone- Fill a basket with a teddy bear, coffee mug, hot chocolate mixes, bedtime story books

For the Jigsaw Puzzle Lover- Fill a basket with a jigsaw puzzle, puzzle mat, coffee mug, magnifying glass, gourmet coffee

Finishing Touches
Finishing touches actually come into play when you begin to assemble your basket. You can enhance the presentation of baskets, boxes, tins, hats, etc. by first filling them with:
coloured cellophane "grass"
crumpled tissue paper
a piece of fabric (try something with a Christmas print)
shredded newspaper or coloured paper
Then carefully arrange your items over top of the filler.

Finish up by tucking in candy canes, foil wrapped chocolate Santas, chocolate kisses, or small pine cones

Wrapping Your "Basket"
"Baskets" that are in actual baskets do not need to be wrapped, but if you wish, you can wrap them in cellophane. Simply gather the cellophane around the basket and tie at the top with ribbon. This method also works for "baskets" made with hats, boxes, bowls, pots, plant pots, etc. Decorative boxes and tins usually can stand alone without wrapping.