Christmas Candy-grams
Candy grams are a lot of fun to make and the ones I've done have been very happily received! I made a poster of mine, (like a large greeting card) gluing the candy in place of its name in each sentence. I've also seen them made into bouquets by attaching the candy to skewers with the message attached to the bouquet-
I'm sure there are lots of ways to do it if you use your imagination!
Christmas Candy Gram

Shepherds used their staffs (candy cane) to guide the sheep, as a tiny newborn baby (baby ruth bar) lay fast asleep. A bright shiny star (starburst candy) led the wise men to his humble abode. With them they carried gifts, one of which was gold (gold wrapped chocolate coins). This baby became our Savior (life savers candy) to lead us on our way, Remember this great miracle, as you celebrate Christmas Day.

A Candy Gram for the Staff at Rehab or the Gym

The reason (raisin) for this "Treat Gram" is to thank you for trying to whip (licorice whips) us into shape.
Your routines have us popping (
popcorn) and turning ourselves into pretzels (pretzels), so we can reach our goal of becoming (wheat) thins.. To say nothing of the fact that a healthy heart can be a lifesaver. (lifesavers)
.Nobody will snicker (
snickers bar) at us now! We would have to be nuts (nuts) not to appreciate you.
Hopefully you won't get chunky (
chunky bar) from this 
P.S. I talked to your boss about giving you a raise....and she said that the checks
(chex cereal or snack mix) are in the mail.

A Candy Gram for the Nurses

Nurses are a joy (almond joy bar) to have around when you are feeling under the weather. They work nutty (a bag or can of nuts) hours to see that our loved ones are taken care of good and plenty (a box of good and plenty) and helped on their way (milky way bar) to recovery.
They soothe away red hot fevers (
red hots) with just a gentle touch, and show mounds (mounds bar) of kindness to their patients each day. They never forget that sometimes a little snicker (snickers bar) is the best medicine. They have to remain calm, and can never have butterfingers. (butterfinger bar)
Nurses are worth a mint (
mints) They are truly lifesavers (a roll of lifesavers) and deserve hugs and kisses (hershey's hugs and kisses) every day.

Merry Christmas Candy Gram for your Sweetheart

My Dearest Sugar Baby (a bag of sugar babys)
I hope this brings you a snicker (
snickers bar) as you read my message. It will not make you chunky (chunky bar) and I am not playing tricks (twix bar) on you. You are my bit of honey (bit-o-honey bar). I am nuts (bag or can of nuts) about you. You are always there for me in a crunch (nestle's crunch bar). We have a good and plenty (box of good-n'-plenty) life together, and I love you from here to mars. (mars bar)I wish you mounds (mounds bar) of  joy (almond joy bar) for this Christmas
hershey's hugs and kisses)

Merry Christmas Candy Gram for a Friend

I know there is a special reason (box of raisins) you are my friend.
When life has given me a rocky road (
rock candy or rocky road ice cream), I can count on you to be my lifesaver (lifesavers)! Even when I have mounds (mounds bar) of trouble or when I've been a dum-dum (dumdum pop), you hardly ever snicker (snickers bar). You will always have a big chunk (chunky) of my heart because you are such a treasure (gold wrapped chocolate coins) to me.
I look forward to skittles (
skittles) of fun continuing to learn from you. You are such a sweetheart (sweet tarts). There aren't enough stars in the milky way (milky way bar) and around mars (mars bar) to outshine you.
Have a very Merry Christmas!
Hershey's hugs and kisses)