Lessons from Cecil

The Silver Lining of COPD
I know that everyone has heard the old saying
"there is a silver lining behind every cloud"You are not going to believe this but I do believe that I have found ours. It took me awhile, I am kind of slow.

If you look around I'm sure you have seen our healthier counter parts that get up in the morning and drag themselves through another routine boring day. Taking everything for granted and just can't wait to get it over with.

We, on the other hand, have been forced by nature to slow down and take life easier. We have learned to appreciate every day because we don't take for granted what we have left. We are grateful for everything we get because we get so little.

People who don't have our illness have not learned to appreciate a beautiful warm day when a person can breath easier, a beautiful sunrise or sunset,nor family and friends.

They have not learned to appreciate these things because, unlike us, they have no particular reason to.

You take a person who has not had to fight and suffer for everything they get and put them in our shoes- they would never make it.

Life has made us strong, because we have to be; and appreciative, because we woke up this morning and can look forward to a lot more

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