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Checking For Drug Interactions
Hi Folks,

It is a good idea to know for yourself what your own prescriptions interact adversely with.  Here are some different sites that can help you decide if the drugs you are taking are safe to take together.

Below I have linked to four different sites that can assist you in your search, check them out and see which one meets your needs.

With Medscape you type in your drugs name and it will pop up with the different types of that drug.  You then add the right one to the box on right and it will tell you if there are interactions between your meds.

With Health discovery you do basically the same thing.  Select your meds and then click check for interactions.  This includes many OTC drugs (over the counter)

This one gives specific Herbs and what they interact with,  I am sure this is
not a complete list but it is a beginning.

Here is one more that will give you your prescriptions, OTC and herbal reactions.

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