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Diet and COPD
There are a couple of things I have learned in the last couple of years about diet.  There is not one kind fits all!  But there are a few facts about COPD and diet that I have found and researched.

1. A well balanced diet is a must!  We can not cut out whole food groups even though some popular weight loss plans seem to suggest it. The diabetic diets and cardiac diets are great diets for "Lungers" as well.

2. Do eat six smaller meals a day. When we fill our stomachs too much at one time it will push our diaphragm up into lungs and zip!- we are short of breath and nothing to do but wait for food to digest!

3. We also have to try to avoid foods that might make us "gassy" and give us a full and bloated feeling for the same reasons.

If you need to lose weight talk to your doctor and see if he can help set you up with a nutritionist.  You will find that most nutritionists have you follow a general diabetic diet, not because you are diabetic but because it is so well balanced!   But a nutritionist will help you figure out how many calories you need to cut back each day.   This along with any exercise that you can do with your doctor's okay is the safest way to lose weight.

Now I have heard that some people actually need to gain weight and unfortunately I can't just give them some of mine <g>  
It is still important to follow the food pyramid but you will need to add calories from the food groups instead of taking them away.  You still want to avoid the heavily fat foods like deep fried and such. But there are plenty of supplements you can add to your diet between meals.  Ensure is a good choice of extra calories as a between meal snack. There are a few places with store brand ensures that are a little less expensive. You can also use the instant breakfast drinks like Carnation, or the diet drinks like Slim-Fast. But you are adding them to the diet instead of using them in place of food.

Here are two excellent sites on diets for people with COPD  -  they come from our Olivija's web site.  Olivija put a lot of love and effort into her website to help so that others who come after her will not have to search so very hard for answers.

Click here for Olivija's info on weight loss and maintaining.
Click here for this one for those of us that need to gain

But which ever category you fall into remember that we need a well balanced diet to help our bodies do their best at taking care of us!

Here are two more excellent sites on COPD and Diet.

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