Diaphragmatic Breathing
Along with the PLB -

PLB - Pursed Lip Breathing - Inhale slowly through nose to the count of 4 - Exhale slowly through pursed lips as if blowing out candles. Smell the Roses Blow out the Candles. to help with our breathing we can learn how to breathe right.

Yes I said how to breathe right. For most of us we haven't done this so very basic thing in a long time.

It is called Diaphragmatic Breathing.
Diaphragmatic Breathing, ia actually doing what our Mamas said not to. We do not hold our tummies in while we breathe no matter what she said <g>

For breathing the correct way, you need to practice. You are trying to overcome a lifetime of bad habit and it doesn't happen over night as most of us know. One way to practice diaphragmatic breathing is to lay on your back if possible with pillows propped where needed.

Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach, just below your breast bone. Start by taking gentle breathes and feel your diaphragm, hand on stomach rise. Now gentle exhale and feel your stomach sink in.

Continue to do this 5-6 times, and then do it several times a day for 5-6 breathes until your body feels comfortable with it. This combined with PLB gives us our best chance at keeping SOB (shortness of breath) at bay.

For more information on Diaphragmatic Breathing and other good tips for COPD go to

Keep in mind that some people with Pulmonary Fibrosis will not be able to do this.

Remember, Growing old is mandatory but Growing up is optional And Laughter is still the best Medicine!