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Back To The Basics
Here is another good post by our Angel Piety.  It never hurts to have a few reminders.
Take Care


Here are a few tips for living with COPD. You probably already know them, but a reminder never hurts.

1. Always walk slowly and use pursed lip breathing.
2. Maintain good posture.
3. Keep your weight normal.
4. Take frequent rests and use pursed lip breathing when resting. Take extra rest periods if you are having a bad day.
5. Always exhale during the strenuous part of the activity - exhale as you stand from a stooped position or if you lift something. This can save your breath and your energy. Very important to remember.
6. If you do become short of breath, stop the activity, rest and use pursed lip breathing.
7. When is the best time for your activities? If mornings are bad for you, do as much as you can the night before.
8. Organize your activities and try to do them the same way every day. Repetition will make you more proficient and save time and energy.
9. Keep a moderate, steady pace during activities. A slower pace is needed in
hot or humid weather.
10.Try to wheel or push equipment on a cart. (It bears repeating.)
11.Use gravity to increase efficiency. Make the weight of the tool do the work. Exhale when working against gravity; inhale when working with gravity.

12.Sit for as many activities as possible. Use a high stool (with a back if possible),
instead of standing at a workbench or kitchen counter.
13.Have your work table at a comfortable height, one that does not require you to bend forward.
14.Work in a well lighted room with additional local light for close work. Rest your eyes periodically.
15.Use both hands whenever possible to accomplish a task. Avoid holding objects longer than you need to. If you are not using it, put it down.
16.Work in a well ventilated room. Fans help.
17.Avoid aerosol sprays and smoke filled rooms. Avoid ALL smoke. Remember
that people who die in fires usually die of smoke inhalation before the fire reaches them.

These are simple things we can practice everyday. They can become good habits and make your life easier.