Harvest Festivals
from Around the World
For as long as people have been planting and gathering food, I suspect there has been some form of Harvest Festival or, at the very least, a really great dinner when the harvest was done. Here are some pages showing the various Harvest Festivals celebrated in different times in history and/or in different parts of the world.

Pongal- the harvest festival of South India

Australia has a variety of harvest celebrations-
the Lavender Festival
the Hops Festival
the Apple Festival
the Grape Festival
the Renmark Orange Week Festival
the Cane Festival and
the Wheat Festival
visit this page to learn a bit about each of them
The British Harvest Festival

"Hip!Hip! Hip! For the harvest home,
Now we've taken the last load home
I ripped my shirt and I teared my skin
To get my master's harvest in"

(Warwickshire Harvest Song)

The form of wheat weaving known as a "corn dolly" figures prominently in British celebrations, including the well known folk song John Barleycorn.
You might also want to try making a simple corn husk doll.

In China
there is the
Chinese Moon Festival of Mid Autumn
(I love this one!)
and more on the Moon festival

Germany's Oktoberfest
The largest celebration in the world
lots of great Oktoberfest links to visit!

St. Michael's Day in Old Ireland-


A bit of history (and a bit of a surprise)with the story of the
American Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving in Canada
Where did the holiday really originate?

Finally a page of recipes from harvest festivals around the world

Click Here for links to this whole list of great food!

Sweet Candied Potatoes from America
Succotash from America
La Tourtiere from Canada
Moon Cakes From China
Sauerkraut from Czech Republic
Kolache from Czech Republic
Pongal from South India
Poteen from Ireland
Songp'yon from Korea
Courguettes Stuffed from Israel
Pumpkin Bread from America
Apple Cider Punch from America
Sweet Potato Bake from America
Roast Turkey from America
Wild Rice Stuffing from America
Pecan Pie from America
Cranberry Jelly Candy from America
Cranberry Sauce from America

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